Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update: July 20, 2009

(By Julie Marcum)

- Jonathan Sandoval was discharged from the hospital on July 15. He is walking a lot more, but gets very tired after being up and around. He is recovering well from all of his cuts, scrapes, bumps and bruises. His right shoulder has been bothering him quite a bit. His back is healing well.

- Kevin is at home and probably will be bedridden for quite some time.

- Josh Marcum still has some pain in his back.

- Miguel is much more lucid than he has been in the past week. They will move him from ICU to a regular room this afternoon, but the family will have a permanent nurse with him. He cannot open his right eye yet but is moving his right side some. He does manage to move the rest of his body to try and get comfortable. He recognizes people and asked Butch to pray with him when Butch visited. Once he is out of ICU, his neurologist will run additional tests to see what his prognosis is.

- Ariel has been a bit depressed the last couple of days. He had surgery on July 17 to repair his fractured pelvis. He has had to lie on his stomach since then. His cochlear hearing aid should be in this week.

- Rebecca (on crutches), Bruno (in a wheelchair), and Rachel were at church for the first time since the accident. It was great having all three of them there, and all of the youth were excited to see one another. Rebecca will be taking one of her med school entry exams tomorrow. Please pray for her as she prepares and takes her exam—there are about 1,000 students in her course of study and only 180 will be passed on to the next year. Also, school resumes this week for all students—be praying for the teens as they head back to school, and as some of them will have to study from home for a couple of months as they continue their recovery process. Also, please pray for Wendy (the mother of Ariana). Their landlords told them last week that they have to leave their rental house in a week. So, in the depths of dealing with her daughter’s death, she’s having to think about moving and finding a new house.

- The Cochabamba missions team and the church feel overwhelmed with blessings by the support, prayers, emails, and comments that they have received. They thank everyone for their financial and spiritual generosity toward them and the brethren in Cochabamba.

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