Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update July 14, 2009

(Posted by Julie Marcum on their family blog)

-Jonathan is up and walking and has a great appetite... chances are he'll be released in a couple days. He has been visiting Ariel (who is in the same clinic, one floor down) and they have been playing video games together - I think it's put them both in great spirits!

-Ariel is doing good but will probably have to have one more surgery on his hips. Josh is still in the process of filling out paperwork and making phone calls to get his cochlear replaced. Keep that process in your prayers.

-Kevin has been released and is at home! His mom knew some people at the clinic where he was interned and they have loaned him a hospital bed.

-We found a good wheelchair for Bruno and - thanks to you who have given so generously - were able to purchase it with the intent of keeping it for future needs in the church as well.

-Pray for our teens and their families this Saturday. We managed to get in contact with a missionary counselor here. She has been in Bolivia for over 20 years and has her Masters in Counseling. She is doing a group debrief session at 3 on Sat. for the victims and their families. Pray that God will work through this time and that He will begin healing the many emotional wounds....

-We have been greatly encouraged by the support recieved not only abroard, but also within Bolivia. Another preacher from one of the congregations in Santa Cruz arrived on Sunday to show their love and support for our church body. He traveled the same road that the accident occured on, arriving here at 3am. He was bringing a donation from their brothers to ours, but sadly was robbed here in Coch. on the way to his hotel. Satan is at work, but our God is greater! Thankfully, he was not hurt. The brothers and sisters here in Bolivia have sacrificed so much for us, as have many of you in the US.

-Thanks for your prayers for our family. Josh's back is now feeling better... Jana is back to normal... Mom had 2 days not having to clean up any messes... But Eliana is now sick with the same virus Jana had, so we are dealing we more throw up, fever etc... Continued prayers are greatly appreciated.

-To finish things out... Butch Sandoval has posted some of his thoughts on their blog - and included some pictures of the girls who passed away that were taken at an orphanage just the week before... precious reminders of the sweet lives they led. I thought I'd post them here too... ( if you'd like to see these pictures please go to it was too long a process to pull them off her blog one by one to post here as well).

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