Thursday, July 2, 2009

Medical Costs

We have had several people asking about the cost of medical care. The cost for each of our young people will be between $1,000-1,500. Right now, we have 10 in the hospital. That pushes our total need to $10,000-$15,000. In Rebecca's and Miguel's case the cost will be much more. Additional costs are funeral expenses and loss of wages. We really need to be concerned for Miguel's family. He is the primary care giver for his two remaining children. Butch did not mention that the bus company had any liability insurance which is not uncommon.

We have already received several donations which is very encouraging and humbling. We cannot express how grateful we feel for the amount of love and support we have received in the words of encouragement that so many of you have given us. Thank you.

How to help:
If there is any way that you could offer some help to these suffering families please send a check to the address below with "CBBA YOUTH" in the memo line:

Austin Avenue Church of Christ
1020 Austin Avenue
Brownwood, TX 76801

or if you prefer Paypal you can send your help electronically:

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